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An insatiable curiosity led us to engage with fascinating creators and artists from around the world. We invite them for an interview to hear about their stories and share them here on The TwentyFour Six.

In conversation with each person we design items that we offer exclusively on the site. The TwentyFour Six makes stories tangible and offers products that carry a unique story.

Why The TwentyFour Six?

Why The TwentyFour Six?

The actual name comes from a combination of The TwentyFour Six founder's date of birth and first name: The 24th (of December) and June, the 6th month of the year.

We liked the sound of 'The TwentyFour Six,' which probably makes you think of the 24/6 approach to life. Enjoy your seventh off and make it a perfect day.

The symbolic meaning of the number 246 suggests 'good things that you can acquire using the right channel'. This seems to suit what we want to be very well.